Day 1 – 21st May 2017 – Berkshire

Checkpoint Names and Numbers:
Berkshire 5 – Windsor Great Park

View to Windsor from my first checkpoint

So, having received all my BCQ paperwork during the week, it was time to get out and see if I can visit my first checkpoint. Fortunately living in Berkshire, which is one of the countries smaller counties, there are a few checkpoints within cycling distance from home and Windsor was one of the closest, so I chose that as my starting point. Planning the route from home was a breeze, and looked straight forward at around 35 miles round trip, and indeed it was. The ride through the quite roads of Winnersh, Binfield, Winkfield and Warfield soon bought me to one of the gates in to Windsor Great Park where it was supposed to be easy to find the giant statue of George 3rd and the checkpoint. However the Great Park was a lot bigger than I remembered but after a cruise around I more stumbled across the statue than discovered it.

The statue itself is a short walk from the road up a grassy hill, so I had to push the bike up there, but the view along ‘The Long Walk’ towards Windsor castle made it worth the climb. After finding and photographing the checkpoint it was time for a brisk and enjoyable ride home to fill in the first question on my BCQ question card – I had truly caught the BCQ bug.

Miles Cycled – 35
Checkpoints Visited – 1
Total Miles Cycled – 35
Total Checkpoint Visited – 1

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