Day 4: 13th June 2017 – Berkshire

Checkpoint Numbers & Names
Berkshire 1 – Streatley

Another Berkshire checkpoint for this ride out, and Streatley is around twelve miles or so from where I work so this was an ideal opportunity to get out for a rare after work ride and pick up a checkpoint at the same time. Another bonus would be that I could approach the checkpoint form the West, thus avoiding going up Streatley Hill, a notoriously hard climb amongst local cyclists.

Bucklebury_VillageSo, leaving Thatcham from the Berkshire Arms pub it was a short sharp climb up Cox’s lane and onto Broad Lane in the direction of Upper Bucklebury for a short spell before turning on to Little Lane, and Briff Lane on to Bucklebury Village before proceeding on to Yattendon, Ashampstead Common, Aldworth and finally to the checkpoint at the top of Streatley Hill.

With the choice of routes back to the starting point being quite limited if I wanted to avoid the busiest roads and largest I decided to quite literally do a ‘U’ turn and re-trace my steps back to the start.

This route was quite hilly in places, especially between Bucklebury and Ashampstead Common, and it was low gear for a large portion, but as this was to be a quick ‘after work’ ride it was a case of getting out, doing the ride, and getting back again.

Miles Cycled – 28
Checkpoints Visited – 1
Total Miles Cycled – 163
Total Checkpoints Visited – 5

Click here to download a gpx file for this ride

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