Day 2: 28th May 2017 – Berkshire / Buckinghamshire

Checkpoint Names and Numbers:
Berkshire 6 – Cookham Dean
Buckinghamshire 6 – Hambleden

Closer inspection of the BCQ question book during the week revealed that there are quite a few checkpoints in different counties that are close to each other by virtue of both being close to their county border. Two of these were close to home again, and both reachable in one ride.

Hambledon_Water_PumpSo, with a little planning it was time to embark on a nice ride through Twyford, Wargrave, and Henley on to the village of Hambleden where the checkpoint (an old disused hand pump) was easy to find. The village of Hambleden offers some interesting architecture to investigate and a very nice local pub for a refreshment stop, however time wasn’t on my side this day so after a brief stop for some refreshment it was on to the second checkpoint of the day at Cookham Dean. The first part was a nice gentle ride to and through the riverside town of Marlow, and then out to Cookham Dean itself. Unfortunately the road out to Cookham Dean quickly turned steep and proceeded to go up one of the steepest hills I had cycled all year, along with some twisty corners along the way.

Marlow_BridgeEventually I got to the top of the hill and in to the forest where the checkpoint was again very easy to find. After a well deserved drink and energy bar it was time to head home again. The start of the route was a nice downhill run through to Pinkneys Green, and then some pleasantly flat runs through White Waltham, Shurlock Row and Winnersh providing a much needed rest after the previous long climb.

The second day of ‘Questing’ was one of the longest days I’d cycled all year and had the hardest climb, but the sense of achievement was great, and I couldn’t wait to get home to plan out the next ride.

Miles Cycled – 49
Checkpoints Visited – 2
Total Miles Cycled – 84
Total Checkpoint Visited – 3

Click here for a gpx file of this ride

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