Day 21: 5th November 2017 – Cheshire

Checkpoint Numbers & Names
Cheshire 4 – Sandbach

It’ll be fine my sister said, it’s stopped raining now and the forecast is for it to get better as the morning goes on. I’m never listening to her weather predictions again!

What was supposed to be a fairly short and sedate run from my sisters house down to Sandbach to visit the checkpoint at Sandbach Crosses turned in to the worst journey to visit a checkpoint to date.

The run from my sisters to Sandbach was only about ten miles, and being on the road bike meant that I could easily cover this distance in around forty five minutes, and get to see a little more Cheshire countryside.

Sandbach Crosses

So the journey south along the A530 was a little busy for a Sunday morning , but it was soon time to turn off on the road towards and though Middlewhich, sadly, this was about the time that the weather decided it wasn’t going to listen to my sister, and start spitting with a few drop of rain, no problem I thought, we’re pretty much half way to Sandbach. How wrong could I be – within a couple of minutes the heavens had opened and the rain was so heavy it was like a fog in the air.

From here on the journey was pretty forgettable, it was a case of head down, get to the checkpoint, take the picture and get back as quickly as possible.

The only thing I can remember from the journey back is stopping at my nephews house in Middlewhich for tea and toast, and to pour water from my shoes whilst borrowing a pair of dry socks.

Not my finest day on the BCQ, but one bad day out of just over twenty isn’t a terrible hit rate I suppose, and it was Novemeber after all said and done.

Footnote – This was sadly to be my last BCQ ride of 2017 as the cold I succumbed to after this soaking put me off the bike for nearly a month!

Miles Cycled –20
Checkpoints Visited – 1
Total Miles Cycled – 744
Total Checkpoints Visited – 39

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