Day 10: 30th July 2017 – Lincolnshire

Checkpoint Numbers & Names
Lincolnshire 5 – Heckington

Day 10 was to be one of those  days out where I could visit a checkpoint whilst visiting relatives in a different part of the country.

The route out from my fathers to Heckington to visit the windmill would only be around 20 miles which would work perfectly as the Heckington show was on the weekend I was visiting so I could stop and visit the show at the same time.

Heckington WindmillSo, leaving the village of Ruskington south on the B1188 and A153 I quickly turned off the main road and on to the country lanes towards Ewerby Thorpe where there was not a car in sight and this continued all through the next two or three miles through Howell and after eight miles the Heckington Windmill, my target for the day popped up in to view and right on cue the traffic was a lot heavier with people arriving for the show.

Once I’d taken my picture of the checkpoint answer it was time to find somewhere to leave my bike while I visited the show, and thanks to a friendly local shopkeeper that was easy.

The Heckington show is a whole day in itself, with everything you’d expect from the countries largest village show, with everything from prize livestock showings through to art and antiques dealers, parachute display teams and even a host of grass track cycle racing events, and if you can twin your visit to this checkpoint with a visit to the show then I’d thoroughly recommend it.

Heckington-Show-29-07-2017-SS-33Once I’d left the show and retrieved my bike, I decided that rather than take the reverse route home I would go the longer way round and see some more of the Lincolnshire countryside, so turned south a little and headed for the villages of Great Hale, Little Hale and on into Helpringham all the while riding on some of the flattest, and quietest lanes and roads I’d ridden all year. These quiet roads continued through the wonderfully named Scredington.

From here the road became a little busier, although still quiet, on the approach in to Sleaford, and after a little wiggle through the town it was North back in to Ruskington and the start point for the day. All in all another pleasant day questing, and although I didn’t ride for that many miles the visit to the show was definitely a highlight.

Miles Cycled – 22
Checkpoints Visited – 1
Total Miles Cycled – 373
Total Checkpoints Visited – 17

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